Limestone is a sedimentary rock, formed from small particles of stone that have been compacted by pressure. Long ago, limestone was used to build the pyramids in Egypt. Romans would mix limestone with volcanic ash to form a type of concrete for building many of the structures in Rome.

Limestone is important to making cement, but it is also found in other industries such as sugar refining, glass making, and leather tanning. Crushed limestone is used underneath roads and underneath railroad tracks. When limestone is heated, it helps in the manufacture of iron and steel as well as alumina and magnesia. Limestone helps clean drinking water and treat sewage. Farmers will often spread fertilizer that contains ground up limestone on their crops. The limestone in the mixture is a source of plant nutrients and neutralizes soil acidity.

Apart from being very useful in nature, it is also beautiful and enjoyed in homes all over the world. Come to our show room and take a look!


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