Slab Yard

Have you been told that your small vanity area will require the purchase of a full giant slab?

STONE AGE has a yard facility filled with full slabs and remnants from all over the world. You can hand select the material you prefer and coordinate it with other materials in the colors that will enhance the beauty of your finished project.

Providing your project meets a basic minimum size, STONE AGE only wants to charge based on the actual square footage of your requirement and not so much on the value of a full slab(s). This approach can, many times, aid in keeping cost to a minimum.

We have an extensive full slab inventory of natural stone and quartz including an unequaled quantity of 3CM (1 ¼”) product. Which has, in recent years, become the preferred standard throughout the country. This format can provide our clients with the unique opportunity to not only forego the use of a plywood sub top, but also eliminate the unsightly lamination seam present in the 2CM (1 ½”) edge detail.

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