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Quartz is changing the game in kitchen and bath remodels

With benefits like it’s resistance to scratches and chips, as well as it’s maintenance free properties, it is truly taking over as the most requested product for new countertops. Quartz is manufactured stone, in which they take mostly natural quartz from quarries and elsewhere and mix them with strong polymers resins in order to create a durable surface that mimics the look of natural materials. This means, unlike natural stone such as marble, the quartz is solid and non-porous; therefore no unwanted staining or discoloration! We carry all of the most popular quartz brands, and of the off chance we don’t have the one you want, let us know and we will get it for you!

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In addition to quartz, there are other options of engineered Stone. For example, Porcelain slabs, which like quartz, are made to mimic other natural stones like marble and limestone, as well as some fun ones to look like rock or wood. However, unlike quartz Porcelain Slabs are outdoor grade and able to be used outdoors in the sun and elements. Another option we have s Stone Age is Geoluxe Compact Stone, which actually is natural minerals and materials found in stone artifically compacted into a stone slab. This means instead of the millions of years that the minerals and materials must take to transform over time to the beautiful stone we see, the process has been reduced to minutes. They take the material and pressurize it with fire to make a paleolithic stone, which is durbale and attractive!

Check out the Videos Below featuring some of the Engineered Stone Offered at Stone Age!



Quartz and Countertop Brands:

  • Ascale Porcelain Slabs

  • Bellenco

  • Caesarstone

  • Cambria USA


  • Designer Quartz

  • GeoLux

  • HanStone

  • LG Husays Viatera

  • Pental


  • Q Quartz

  • Silestone

  • Spectrum

  • Vadara

  • Wilson Art


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